BW Streams

Live Streaming Service

With the introduction of GSM 3G and 4G technology in Cameroon and the liberalization of the IT sector in Cameroon, BW is expanding its solutions and services into the Radio Broadcasting Market under the brand name BW Streams by providing LIVE STREAMING SERVICE via her state-of-the-art and cutting-edge software (web and mobile) and IT systems to better reach client’s needs in this digital edge of today.

With BW Streams, Radio Stations can stream their programs LIVE over the internet using our Cloud Streaming Servers online in order to better connect to their high-tech clients.

BW Streams

Discover, Follow (favorite), Listen (LIVE), Create Playlist of, Comment on discussions of, and Share Streams (Radio Stations) and associated activities most important to you from the comfort of your mobile device on the GO! BW Stream provides listeners access to real radio stations streaming from the heart of Africa

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